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Secure Home WiFi Network

Create a powerful firewall to protect your photographs, music, important personal or business documents, and all private information.

Your internet service provider (ISP) probably installed a modem/wireless router with security settings at a minimum level. The less protection you have, the less your computer balks at blocked sites. The result is less calls to tech support, because everything appears to function “normally.”


However, minimum settings mean maximum threats to:

• Home Office Data Breach Lawsuits
• Digital Photos of Your Kids
• Family Vacation Videos
• Confidential Business Documents
• Medical, Financial or Personal Records
• Anything You Have Stored on Your Computer

Wouldn’t it be great to have a home WiFi network set up to make your life easier, rather than the customer service center workers?

WiFiGi installs and configures the right combination of hardware and software to give you all the protection you need with the freedom to use your computer and wireless devices at home as you want.

You get more granular control of your home internet security, right down to parental controls on each user profile and each wireless device that accesses the web through your home WiFi network.


User training and remote support on managing security settings, adding/deleting devices, and other system admin functions is available on a monthly subscription.

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