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Parental Controls Protect Children

Your child interacts with technology daily.  Imagine no more battles over social media, safe browsing, or after-hours access to the internet in your home.

WiFiGi installs and configures a secure WiFi network that give parents specific control over:

• Who Can Access the Internet from Your Network
• What Time Access is Available to Specific Users
• What Sites Can Be Viewed on Your Network

Do you want to curtail your child’s on-line activities after bedtime? Easy. Simply define the hours their phone, game devices and computers can access your home WiFi network. No more bedtime battles. Just tell them the internet service shuts off at night.

Do you want to block offensive material from your children’s devices? Parental Controls at the modem/router level plus the appropriate software defeat the ways children have found to get around single layer blocking software solutions.

Talk with your children about what is safe and appropriate. Teach them your values. No technology can replace parenting…but it can help reinforce the boundaries you choose to set.


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Pat Cannon has provided computer support in our businesses and our home for over 13 years. He is an excellent technician and provides sound advice on hardware & software purchases.

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